Friday, July 18, 2008

Day one hundred and ninety seven ... All in a day's work.

I like to go on bike rides when It's nice out.

A couple of days ago it was so nice out that I just couldn't stay home.

And whenever I go somewhere, I have to make the world a sillier place.

Google eyes, temporary adhesive, a camera, and a blog.

What more could a growing boy want?

Here's some pictures that I hope make you smile.

I think this would make a person more likely to stop. 

I would definitely not try something around this sign below.

Well, maybe I'd try something behind the sign. It probably can't see around the corner.

I had to go to Trader Joe's and get some granola and lo and behold there were things there that I just had to mess with. This trash can looks much more dignified now.

I like to create life from whence there only had been malaise and drudgery.

Even the parking lot became a playground.

It's hard to cross the street when you can't see where you're going ...

That's where I come in.

And I think it's super that Northampton is so multi-cultural that they even have signs in Italian ...

How cool is that?

How about a new song?

It's called "Table and a Chair" and It's about finding love at a tag sale.

If you can't get it to play, click on here.

I recorded it in my mom's old bedroom in Mattapoisett, where I'm staying for a couple of days. I think that added some mojo ... if you believe in that kind of stuff ...

... I do.

It's late (3:19 a.m.) and I'm tired. 

Goodnight and thanks for reading.


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