Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day one hundred and eighty five ... An audio look-back at Day Two ... Learning how to walk.

I remember Day two oh so well.

I had begun the three-week outpatient S.T.A.R.T. program (Start Taking Action in Recovery Today), in Florence, not as part of my impending need for a good looking resume for Mr. Judge, but as something I wanted to do and had scheduled for myself before the shit really hit the fan. 

The snow was still pretty thick and heavy from the two storms we got on Jan, 1 and I now had no car--correction, Steve Sanderson (my best friend and bandmate), and his wife Michelle, had my car--I had no license. The program was a huge eye opening experience for me, and I'm quite grateful to the services provided by Cooley Dickinson Outpatient Behavioral Health Services, as well as the knowledgeable counselors who work there. My therapist had recommended that I enroll in the program and I had resisted claiming that that would entail giving up smoking weed, and weed was keeping me sober.

Uh ... yeah ... right.

So, with a new outlook on life and my body freshly shut off from any and all tangible vices I stepped out into that frigid January afternoon and took the PVTA bus to Florence, unaware of where any of the stops were or how long it really took to get where I needed to go. All I knew was that I was beginning a new journey, both in life, and in cyberspace as I had just published my first journal post the day before. I had no idea what would come next, all I knew was that it felt good to share what I learned about myself and my situation with other people, regardless of who or how many, in hopes of changing my life, and documenting the revelations and realizations so as to never end up in this spot ever again.

It certainly helped that I was forced to walk, ride, bike, hitch, slip and slide my way through that most important first week ... and here we are at six months ... and there doesn't seem to be any signs of letting up ...

... and on we go ...

Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to present to you, "Day two ... Learning how to walk" in dynamic stereo sound from Fearless By Default's first week. It was recorded and produced by Scot Coar at Sow's Ear Studios in Easthampton, MA. The main theme music was written and performed by F. Alex Johnson and all other incidental music was written and performed by Scot Coar.

Stay tuned for days 3-6 in upcoming installments. Until then, thanks for reading and listening.


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