Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day one hundred and sixty five ... Fred sings.

F.A.J. here.

It's been a rather busy day here at the Stearns Ct. word lab.

Apparently, my brain has switched over from writing simple, unadorned words, to a more harmonized musically oriented format.

It has to do with the new computer I have, and the fact that I haven't really finished a song in a very, very, very long time.

So, I decided to take a short time and write one and record it exclusively on my new computer and share it with everybody out there.

Sound like fun?

Yes, I think so too.

So, without further ado, and just so you know I haven't been slacking on exercising my gray matter, I present you the new single from F. Alex Johnson entitled "I Just Can't Talk To You."

It's from the soon to be popular album, Fred Sings, with original artwork by Steven M. Sanderson.

FYI, this song was written in a day, and recorded over a period of about 5 hours, with two guitars, a bass, and a microphone. The drum loop was courtesy of the Garageband program my awesome computer comes standard with. No amps were used, and no brain cells were harmed in the making of "I Just Can't Talk To You."


Thanks for reading and listening.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Just click here to enjoy this special treat (and by here I mean the pink word "here" that you just passed by). Just make sure your sound is turned up or the trick won't work.

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